May 21

Atlanta Landscape Design

American Landscaping Crew Company offers a comprehensive range of new design, redesign, planting trees, shrubs, ground cover s, annual beds, flowers, seeding and sodding.  Hardscape/Stonework Hardscape can mean retaining walls, stone pathways, patios, or even a water feature.
We offer many different ways to create a beautiful Courtyards, Playground, and Pool areas, front and backyards with all the tools available for you to make the comfort you desire when you look out your window. All customers are very happy with our specific written proposals. We also offer full drawn landscape designs for those who like to see it all in Colors or just in a black and white Sketch.
Atlanta Landscape Designs for Retaining Walls, and Landscape Makeover are offered. Our Engineer designs are mainly used when it is required by the city you lived in, in order to get a permit. The other landscape designs are done only for the customer or HOAs with flowerbeds, trees, sod, patios, benches, pools, decks, driveways, walkways, steps, and more. We work very close with our engineer and landscape designer to better serve you in completing your landscaping projects.