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We provide images of different types of patios you can choose from. These images will provide ideas for you and help you decide how you may want to decorate your yard.

We specialize in Flagstone and Paver Patios, offering options such as Blue Stone, Granite Stone, Concrete, and Stamped Concrete Patios. Additionally, we construct walkways and driveways.

Ideas are offered here for many different types of patios, walls, walkways and fire pits. This particular customer in Cumming Ga area knew exactly what he wanted. We materialized his dream with what you see bellow;

  • img-01-1

He wanted us to remove the junipers and to dig into the hill side to increase patio size. We constructed a retaining wall 3’ tall and increased the patio area by 10 feet.

  • img-04
  • img-03-1
  • img-05
  • img-06
  • img-07
  • img-08
  • img-09
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  • img-11

A Flagstone patio over concrete preparations and installation are key factors for the durability of the product.

  • img-12
  • img-13

This is an Irregular Crab Orchard Flagstone Patio over concrete with rebar and 57 stone gravel’s base.

  • img-14
  • img-15
  • img-16
  • img-17

This customer wanted the stone to blend over the steps, patio, and wall.

  • img-18
  • img-19

This is a Natural Flagstone Walkway over 8/10 san, mulch joints, and stone edges.

  • img-20
  • img-21

Natural Flagstone walkway over grey sand base and joints

  • img-22
  • img-23

Flagstone walkway with strip rubble stone edges

  • img-24
  • img-25

This customer changed the whole backyard look with a flagstone patio, stacked stone  retaining wall, flagstone steps and sod.

  • img-26
  • img-27
  • img-28

This is a stamped concrete patio and walkway with a small sitting flagstone wall.

  • img-29

Here we have a Paver’s Patio with fieldstone edges.

  • img-30
  • img-31

More ideas for your backyard dream……………..

  • img-32
  • img-33
  • img-34

Natural Flagstone Slabs over grey sand and stone/concrete edges.

  • img-35
  • img-36
  • img-37
  • img-38
  • img-39
  • img-40

Paver’s patio

  • img-41
  • img-42
  • img-43
  • img-44
  • img-45
  • img-46
  • img-47

Please call us at 770-573-9794. We provide free estimates on landscaping projects for Many Atlanta Areas. Lawn Maintenance services only for Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and Cumming. We are registered licensed and insured.

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