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Blue Family

Mr. Blue hired us to transform his backyard completely. We removed 2 large trees, the stumps, and brought dirt to grade the area after we installed a drain system underground to allow the rain water to cross the property from left to right easily. This project presented us with a big challenge, because the property had a river bed across from right to left in a ditch or trench for the water to drain. This house was one of 3 houses we did in this sub division and the houses were close to each other. We installed same drain system to the other houses’ backyard. Here is the backyard before we started.

  • blue-pic

Here is the picture after the work was done. You can see the drain on the right side of the small retaining wall. We installed 3 large catch basins, side by side with 6-inch solid pipe, one for each catch basin. This project was built in 2007 and Mr. Blue is still our customer and he is in our reference list where we provide his contact information as we do with all our customers. These pictures show the right side of the backyard.

  • blue-pic1
  • blue-pic2

Some of the pictures show before and after results. Left side of the backyard.

  • blue-pic3
  • blue-pic4

Beautiful stacked stone retaining walls.

  • blue-pic5
  • blue-pic6

The retaining walls were built with a large concrete footer, center blocks, rebar, dead man, pour concrete, stacked flagstone, and flagstone cap.

  • blue-pic7
  • blue-pic8
  • blue-pic9

Below are pictures of the houses we worked on in the same sub division.

  • blue-pic10
  • blue-pic11

As you may see in these pictures, the houses we worked on are next to each other. The neighbors didn’t need any refenrences from us after Mr. Blue’s project was done. All three customers were very satisfied and happy. We are very thankfull to have worked for them.

  • blue-pic12
  • blue-pic13

Please call us at 770-573-9794. We provide free estimates on landscaping projects for Many Atlanta Areas. Lawn Maintenance services only for Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and Cumming. We are registered licensed and insured.

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