Boltz Family

Mr. boltz has been a great cuatomer for the past 4 years. He takes time to work on his backyard.

We have installed many feature plants like the Weeping Cypress, Blue Atlas Cedar, Japanese Maple, Alberta Spruces and more……..

Colorful Flower Beds. We also provide lawn maintenance to Mr. Boltz’ yard as well as some neighbors in the Roswell, Georgia area.

We have installed hardscape around the house……….Brick retaining walls around the pool with Flagstone Steps to allow access to the lower levels.

The Brick retaining wall was built in 2006 to provide the customer with an enjoyable flat backyard. The metal fence was also installed.

As you may noticed, the retaining walls have expansion joints to prevent craks. The retaining walls also have dead man to anchor them well, 57 stone gravel and socked perforated pipe for water drainage.

The flagstone steps are well incorporated with the brick walls, great combination.

The left side of the backyard was decorated with tropical plants by the pool, May 2009.

Beautiful Tropical Plants.

The Filedstone edgers or small fieldstone retaining walls were installed to prevent erosion in different areas as needed and its an important decorative aspect to the whole project.

More than 40 Yioshino Japanese Cryptomerias where installed around the whole backyard for privacy. There is still more to come.
This customer is in our reference list and will be provide to you when we come out to do an estimates. It is free.

Please call us at 770-573-9794. We provide free estimates on landscaping projects for Many Atlanta Areas. Lawn Maintenance services only for Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and Cumming. We are registered licensed and insured.