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Pugmire Family

October 2006 we were awarded Pugmire family’s project. Mr. Pugmire designed the project and we did our take off. This project was built as specified by the customer.
The area was cleaned up from English Ivy, small trees, old small retaining wall, and debris

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We used a concrete footer, concrete center blocks, rebars, dead men for support, and bricks.

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  • pugmire-pic3

Below is the lower brick retaining wall. Proper drainage was installed with gravel and perforated pipes.

  • pugmire-pic4
  • pugmire-pic5

We built two brick retaining walls with center steps, Flagstone patio, and new Zoysia sod was installed.

  • pugmire-pic6
  • pugmire-pic7

Natural Flagstone patio as specified by customer – Zoysia Sod.

  • pugmire-pic8
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