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Thomason Family

December 2006 the Thomason family started their project with us. Customer had a very good idea of what they wanted. This particular customer was referred to us by the Vance Family (Customer). We started the Allan Block retaining wall 8 feet below the house lower level by where the bobcat is in the picture. The footing was installed and we started building the wall, but first the 6-inch pipes had to be run under the retaining wall as you can see on the below right picture.

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We had an issue with the water running through the center of the backyard from the neighbor’s houses. The customer knew that building something to catch the water and running the 6-inch pipes under ground 100 feet long would fix the problem as you can see below. The drainage worked perfectly.

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Allan Block retaining walls have to be built with 57 stone gravel, geogrid, silk material, and compacted fill dirt.

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We finished the retaining wall and new irrigation in approx. 10 days.

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The wall has 110 feet long 6 feet in the highest point.

  • thomason-pic9
  • thomason-pic10

Below is the other part of the project, where a stamped concrete patio was built, natural flagstone steps, and flagstone retaining walls.

  • thomason-pic11
  • thomason-pic12

The driveway has a 12X12 catch basin with the concrete edger to stop any erosion behind this point.

  • thomason-pic13
  • thomason-pic14

And finally but not last, the kids playground area.

  • thomason-pic15
  • thomason-pic16

The customer was fully satisfied and has a fenced flat backyard.

  • thomason-pic17

Retaining walls will play a great roll in building your home’s backyard. There are different types of materials to choose from to make the wall that best fits your need. You can have one of our landscape designers come by and give you a free estimate on your project.

Please call us at 770-573-9794. We provide free estimates on landscaping projects for Many Atlanta Areas. Lawn Maintenance services only for Marietta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and Cumming. We are registered licensed and insured.

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