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Ms. Respess hired us to repalce an old RR tie wall with a poured concrete retaining wall. The wall was 187 feet long by 10 feet high at the highest point. We had another tough challange here because we had to remove 20 truck loads from the property to another location because there was not room for the dirt, and after the wall was done, we had to bring the dirt back to back fill the retaining wall. I was lucky to find a contractor that allowed me to drop 20 loads of dirt on his property for 1 month. Thanks God.

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As you can see, we dog out the footer to build the rebar structure with the metal panels to pour the concrete to make the retaining wall.

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Some of the pictures show before and after results. Left side of the backyard.

  • respess-pic3
  • respess-pic4

We faced the concrete wall with colored stucco.

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The retaining walls were designed by an Engineer and approved by the city of Sandy Springs, Georgia.

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